Please find below the most important technical characteristics. Should you require more detailed information about the Stonini-products or the installation of it, do not hesitate to contact your Premium Panels specialist.


General descriptionStonini is an innovative molded profiled surface, made of high-grade quality acrylic polymer and Fiberglass. The different range of profiles replicates the appearance of natural stone. It is affordable, simple to specify and easy to install.
Sizes1800 x 600mm
ThicknessBetween 0,5 and 1,5 cm
WeightWill follow
FinishesCanberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs
InstallationStonini can be glued an existing wall
SafetyThe performance of Stonini for EFHI shown it superiority resistance to early fire hazards and to be considered one of the preferred products for the building industry
Key FeaturesHigh tensile strength - above average flexibility -High impact strength - good elongation -Possible to paint in any color